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Running Apparel

There is a lot of running apparel around.

This page aims to take away some of the questions you may have about running apparel.

If you're a runner that's been pounding the pavement for years then you know what apparel works best for you.
Just started running and want to get the most out of your workout? It's sometimes hard to take a recommendation on apparel from a sales clerk who keeps looking at their watch counting down their mall escape so read on...

Running Tips

Be comfortable

One of the most important things to remember about exercising is being comfortable.

You wouldn't buy an item of clothing too small just so you could slim down and hope to fit into it. The same goes with running apparel, don't buy something too big because it hides anything. You want your running apparel to fit but not be too snug.

Whether you are a seasoned runner or a fresh face on the road, it's always important to shop around to find out what you like and what fits you best. Men and women and even children perform their best when they feel comfortable. We will take a look at running in different seasons, we'll look at what to wear and what not to wear. Ladies and gentlemen, lace up your shoes...

Running Tips

Running Shoes

If you've just started running then you know a good pair of shoes is essential. The ones you mow the grass in or stomp mud puddles with have their place, but you should own a pair of running shoes. So, where do you find the 'perfect' pair?

An easy start is to look at the brand currently on your feet, if you've kept them for a while and are happy with them, then it is probably not a bad idea to stay with that brand. When buying running shoes you need to make sure you buy the right shoes for your foot type. Without knowing it, you could be an underpronator or overpronator... Go to my running shoes section for some more explanations around this and plenty of pages of shoe reviews.

Running Socks

Running socks are important too, avoid cotton and go with a wicking type of material. Wicking is when moisture moves from one place to another, it basically moves up and away, much like a wick on a candle.
You want to keep your feet as dry as possible to make sure you avoid blisters and other types of foot injuries. When I just started running I always used cotton socks. But once you switch to proper running socks I guarantee you, you will never come back.

Men's Running Socks | Women's Running Socks

Running Top

Another piece of important running apparel is a comfortable top.
Again, don't opt for your cotton t-shirt, it's made to absorb. You'll be wringing out sweat like you just pulled it out of the rain. You might as well keep a chamois handy while you run, you'd need it.
The best material is mesh, it's made to breathe, and CoolMax makes some of the best ones.

I love my running tops, they are so lightweight. After you have put them in the wash, you need to just hang them outside for a very short while and they are dry again; and that's exactly how you want your running top to be. The difference with cotton is huge.

Tough boy and go shirtless in summer? If your man opts to go Matthew McConaughey just suggest some sun screen; I'd rather nurse a sore leg muscle than a sunburn any day. Summer always gives us an excuse to wear less clothing, take the precaution and cover bare skin areas with waterproof sunscreen, an SPF used at the beach will be fine for running in the sun.

Men's Running Shirts | Women's Running Shirts

Running Bras

Ladies will need extra support up top when running.
The goal is to minimize movement but not to restrict blood flow.
A sturdy sports bra should be an asset; it should help keep you supported front and back. For extra support there are also long bras which extend out sometimes to below the rib cage.

Running Bras Running Tips

Running Shorts and Skirts

Running shorts are a basic that everybody needs.
Again, going for cotton to keep you warm is fine but not very comfortable while running.
So you want to chose breathing materials for your shorts. Again, CoolMax is a good choice.

Also note that for ladies there are some cute running skirts and running skorts (combination of skirt and short) available.

Men's Running Shorts | Women's Running Shorts

Running Tights

If you've gotten through the summer months and now that fall is approaching and you're still running... You're going to need to change your running apparel.
Gone are the days of less is better, now you'll need to start thinking about layers and headwear.
Dressing for winter running is no different then dressing for winter itself. You'll be spending more time outside, so the elements, along with your running schedule, are important factors to consider.

To keep your legs nice and warm you need running tights. Tights do have some benefits: The compression of the tights helps to support your muscles. Studies have shown that your muscles tire less quickly when you are wearing running tights, so they are performance enhancing.

Men's Running Tights | Women's Running Tights

An alternative to tights are running pants. Do not like the "tightness" of tights? Then you probably want to give pants a go. You need to take into account though that the loose fit could cause leg chafing. I have had that problem when running with pants back in Holland. Since then I have move to Australia though and the climate is mild enough for me to not worry about tights or pants anymore!

Men's Running Pants |Women's Running Pants

Running Tips

Running Jackets

Now onto the upper body.
Start with a lightweight top and then add another lightweight layer. Each layer is designed to move moister away from your body. One layer of cotton in there and you'll start soaking again. Cotton will keep you warm, but when you sweat it doesn't allow any moisture to escape and evaporate. So stay with the moisture wicking materials.

Wishing to look into a running jacket?
Running Jackets for Men | Running Jackets for Women

Running Gloves

Since your extremities are exposed to rougher conditions during the winter months you'll need to look at getting some gloves. Don't let the discomfort of cold hands or the threat of frostbite discourage you from continuing your running routine right through the winter. Find a pair made from breathable materials and you are all good to go for the cold winter months.

Men's Running Gloves | Womens' Running Gloves

An article that can give you some extra help with running in winter:

NY Daily News - about running in cold weather.

Running Headwear

Now, let's use our heads for a minute. If you watch football then you'll always see the cameraman pan over to the bench of a football team who's playing in a stadium where a roof is a luxury. If they have their 'hats' or helmets off you'll see steam billowing off their domes. No, they're not hotheads, the heat they generate while playing football is escaping through their heads.

In winter you need something on your head to keep the warmth in, in summer you need to protect your head against the sunshine.

There is some debate about what to wear, ladies like a ball cap so they can pull their pony tail through the back, guys tend to go for the ski cap, its cotton, its warm, and it covers the ears. I'm going to let you decide on this one. Again, whatever feels comfortable for you. You're the one running, sweating and panting.

Running Caps

Safety Wear

When running in the dark, you need some reflective running clothes to make sure you are visible to other road users. Check the link below for some good safe solutions.

Reflective Running Clothes

Discount Running Apparel

And what is better than getting the running apparel you want at a discount. Check out the pages with discount running apparel for more information about good cheap running apparel.

Discount Running Apparel for Men | Discount Running Apparel for Women

I imagine that this whole long list of running apparel can be quite overwhelming. Do I really need all of this? Just try to improve your runing apparel step by step I would say. Start with the socks and shoes and continue from there. As with normal clothes shopping, whenever you can, go for the off-season to get some bargains. Gotta love a bargain!

I hope this article helped you in getting some ideas about running apparel.

Just to summarize, when it comes to running apparel there is one big rule as you may have noticed in this article:comfortable, breathable clothing.

So I hope you use that rule and find the apparel and running gear that is good for you.

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