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I Love Running…

And writing about it…

It sometimes takes a bit of effort to get out of the door (bet that sounds familiar!), but after every single run I feel satisfied and think to myself : I want to do this again tomorrow ! This feels great !

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Same with this website. Every time I put up another page on this site it takes a bit of effort. But when it is a good page with worthwhile information I am happy and think : I know this will help some of my readers. I want to do this again tomorrow ! This feels great !

It is great to write about something you know and love. My passion is running. And I hope you as my visitor recognizes that. Well, you must do, because there are more and more people being drawn to this site every day !

There are over 100 million websites in the world. Mine is normally ranked in the first 1 million, usually around the 200k-300k mark.

That’s in the top 1 % !

That’s startling. I don’t know anything about webhosts, HTML, Javascript, search engines, browsers and all that kind of stuff.

Yet, I built this website… which earns me money. Nice residual income. Income which pays for my family’s groceries. Every month again. Income I would not have had if I hadn’t found Site Build It!

Thanks to this website I have established an easier, more relaxed way of living for me and my happy family.

It pays for my weekly groceries and my mortgage.

Recently I have reduced my working hours, allowing me to stay at home and spend more time with my kids and do all those things I never have time for during the week.

Starting a website sounds daunting.
Like me, you probably do not know anything about :

  • Web design
  • CSS, SSI, Cron, FTP, MySQL, SEO, HTML and what else all those techies are talking about
  • Generating traffic to my website
  • How to make money online

    But I do know a lot about running :

  • Making a good running program
  • Running injuries and injury prevention
  • The best running books around
  • What to look for when buying running shoes
  • What is important when getting a heart rate monitor
  • Which apparel and gear is necessary and which is ‘nice-to-have’

    Running a Site

    I have been able to build a website, with no knowledge of the mechanics involved, based on all the things I do not know !

    I did it without wasting time learning skills I’m not interested in just to get a webpage up.

    All I had to bring to the table was my passion for and my knowledge of running. The rest was trivial.

    This website :

  • Reaches thousands of visitors per day
  • Is listed in every major search engine, optimized for my subject matter – running
  • Takes care of itself, once the content is written

    And this website is not an exception. Just look at a few successful Site Build It-sites (this site is listed as well).

    I am one of many happy Site Build It-owners.

    I build a website that works. But most importantly, this website :

    Allows me to help people I’ll never meet by giving me a forum to offer my knowledge and experience to a worldwide audience…

    …which puts my knowledge to work for me, earning money for me. Something I would not have held for possible. Now is that great or what?

    You too have a passion. Whether it is pruning roses, yoga, fishing, mathematics, the foreign exchange market, wine tasting or something completely else.

    Running a Site

    When you read this you might be interested in the possibilities.
    Don't get me wrong. Running a site is time consuming. But when you do it well (the Site Build It-way), it is very rewarding.

    If you want to experience the same success as I have experienced, then I invite you to subscribe to my free e-course:

    How to Build a Successful Website

    How Passion, Planning, Persistence And A Top Set of Tools Can Help You Make Serious Money Online


    Contents of this ecourse:

  • Building a Successful Website in Three Steps

  • Why You Do Not Need to be a Techie to Build a Successful Website

  • The Single Biggest Secret Behind Successful Websites

  • Why People Fail When Trying to Build Successful Websites

  • How BAM Can Help You Succeed Online

  • A Quick Bribe Just for You <-- Keep your Eyes Open for That One!!

  • As Much As I Hate to Tell You This...

  • It's packed with information and I give away a few bonuses along the way.

    A recent survey showed that 72% of people would like to work-from-home. Subscribe to my course and learn how to make this possible!

    Thank you.
    Kind regards,



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