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Three Excellent Reflective Running Clothes Safety Accessories

Reflective running clothes, road running safety wear

When it comes to running apparel, we usually think in terms of form and function.

Form often refers to how the apparel looks. Sure, running is "supposed" to be all about health and fitness but it also does not hurt to look good while you do it!

Function, as most people would accurately surmise, refers to the purpose of the apparel.

Running apparel needs to be moisture wicking and comfortable.

With reflective running clothing, on top of the above, the purpose is to increase visibility in low light situations. If you like to run at night, quality reflective running clothing is a must.

Also see this informative article with tips about running in the dark.

Here are some of the top items that are a must for avid night-runners.

Reflective Running Clothes #1: Nathan Streak Vest

nathan streak vest Despite its seemingly minimalist appearance the Nathan Streak Vest would make an excellent inclusion to any runner's sportive wardrobe.

This vest will greatly enhance safety at night thanks to its stunning ability to enhance visibility to levels upwards of 1200 feet.

Yes, you read that correctly - others on the road can see you from almost a quarter of a mile away! The vest also maintains a 360 degrees reflective quality. That means a runner can be visible can be seen from any reflective angle.

Best of all, this is an "all seasons" vest. It can be worn over light clothing in the summer or heavy clothing in the cold winter months.

So, no matter what season of the year it may be, you can run with enhanced and increased safety thanks to the Nathan Streak Vest.
One size fits all.

Click Here for More Information about the Nathan Streak Vest

Reflective Running Clothes #2: Petzl E+Lite Headlamp

petzl e+lite headlamp Running apparel and gear comes in many forms. A headlamp is sometimes overlooked as a helpful running clothes accessory.

That is unfortunate because a device such as the Petzl E+Lite Headlamp provides the perfect solution for running in areas where low light conditions may be a problem.

This is a completely water resistant headlamp affixed with incredibly powerful LED bulbs.

There are three white LED bulbs and a single red LED bulb built into the headlamp. This allows you enough light to clearly see in the dark without blinding yourself or blinding those that may be oncoming.

The battery lasts almost forever - upwards of a decade!

This is also a versatile headlamp that can be removed and mounted separately. Yes, all in all, this is an excellent reflective safety device.

Click Here for More Information about the Petzl E+Lite Headlamp

Reflective Running Clothes #3: Nathan L.E.D. Runner's Vest

nathan l.e.d. runners vest Now this is truly an amazing runner's vest! It is lightweight and comfortable and also maintains a stylish look and appearance.

And, of course, the safety features of this vest are among the most effective of all the running safety clothes in the industry.

The LED light contains 500 candlepower reflectivity and is visible for up to one mile.

Those that wear the vest can experience 360 degree visibility which is certainly a great help to those wishing to boost their safety levels on nighttime runs.

Click Here for More Information about the Nathan L.E.D. Runner's Vest

As you can see, there are plenty of reflective running clothes and safety wear options to choose from.

Learn more about these products or other road running safety products by clicking any of the links above.

Make your choice today so that you can be assured of safer night runs as soon as possible.

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