O I Live For Little Moments Like This...

by Jame Wise
(Perry, Mi, USA)

So CHRISTmas break has begun and I am finally able to run in the familiarity of home! As I ran this morning it just felt amazing! After fighting the morning laziness I stepped out of my door at about 10:30. Instantly the cold bit at my nose since it was an amazingly warm 15 degrees!


But in a way it gave me a feelin of power...not many people face that weather. Than the run... I love running at home because you can find that phase where life just seems perfect. I hit that when I am running in the wide open down a dirt road. This morning was calm and I think I only saw two cars. The only thing I could hear was my foot steps and my dogs breathing. It was perfect...to look to my left and see woods and fields (maybe a house) and the same on the right.

It's even more amazing to wake up and see a fresh snowfall and be that first set of tracks in a seemingly asleep world. It's the little moments like these, where I feel so at peace and like God is smiling and running along side of me, that I know He is real. That is one reason I love to run!

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