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Nike Air Running Shoes Reviews - The Classic Ever Popular Shoe from Nike

Nike Air running shoes are maybe the ultimate classic running shoe.

Nike really caused a bit of a sports shoe revolution when they came up with the Air-concept.

Ever since then Nike has been building on the range with different models and changes.

But the shoe remains popular to date.

So, let's have a look at a few Nike Air models to see which one will work best for you.

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  • OK, now on to the reviews!

    Nike Air #1 - Women's Nike Airmax + 2012

    Women's Nike Airmax + 2012
    The Women's Nike Airmax + 2012 is put in Nike's Neutral plus category.

    The shoe has less stability to promote your foot's natural abilities while still providing extra cushioning.

    Features & Specifications:

  • Sturdy support that’ll prevent you from a slip or fall

  • Fitting heel to keep you from shifting and sliding

  • Carbon rubber under the heel to increase durability

  • Perfect for:
    The runner who needs minimal arch support, but a good amount of cushion.

    Click here for more information

    Nike Air #2 - Women's Nike Airmax Moto +9

    Women's Nike Airmax Moto +9
    The Women's Nike Airmax Moto + 9 is a great pick for a woman who prefers a free and flexible feel, but still needs some support.

    This shoe provides less arch support and more cushioning in the heels to keep your feet from hurting.

    Features & Specifications:

  • Air unit in heel to provide a springy cushioning

  • Light in weight to increase your efficiency

  • Minimal arch support for neutral runners

  • Perfect for:
    Neutral runners who need a little more cushion and support than a barefoot feel.

    Click here for more information

    Nike Air #3 - Women's Nike Air Pegasus + 29 Shield

    Women's Nike Air Pegasus + 29 Shield
    The Women's Nike Air Pegasus + 29 shield is a top pick for woman looking to float through their run at speedy speeds.

    The neutral arch is perfect for people who want their own feet to do the guiding, while not skimping out on protection.

    Features & Specifications:

  • Water resistant mesh to keep your feet dry and cool

  • Breathable to keep your feet dry

  • Waffle outsole for the right amount of traction on the trails

  • Perfect for:
    A neutral runner who is looking to keep their feet fresh and clean as they run.

    Click here for more information

    Some More Great Pages You Might Like!

    Nike Air #4 - Men's Nike Air+ 2012

    Men's Nike Air+ 2012
    The Men's Nike Air+ 2012 are in the neutral plus category.

    Nike has designed these categories of shoes in order to provide maximum shock absorption, without all the extra guidance.

    Features & Specifications:

  • Molded heel foot will make your fit feel snug

  • Extra comfort to swaddle and comfort your feet

  • Compatible with Nike + technology which allows you to trace your track and trails as you run.

  • Perfect for:
    The runner looking for shock absorption without the extra bells and whistles.

    Click here for more information

    Nike Air #5 - Men's Nike Airmax Moto+ 9

    Men's Nike Airmax Moto+ 9
    The Men's Nike Airmax Moto + 9 provide runners with a neutral shoe, giving you less stability and more freedom.

    Features & Specifications:

  • Air unit in heel prevents impact from getting to your feet

  • Less guidance to provide feet with a flexible and free feel

  • Air cushioning which gives you a light, yet comforting ride

  • Perfect for:
    Neutral runners who like a springy and airy feel of cushioning.

    Click here for more information

    So you see, there are quite a few different Nike Air running shoes available.

    I'd highly recommend to click any of the links above.

    They'll provide some more info about each of these shoes, including user reviews and ratings.

    Additionally you'll get access to reviews of a wider range of running shoes which may just help you work out which running shoe you want next!

    Nike Air Running Shoes

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