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Garmin Heart Rate Monitors Review

Garmin heart rate monitors are well known for their sleek design, light weight and complete functionality.

They are GPS devices measuring distance, speed, time and heart rate.

Garmin has really developed their heart rate monitor range in recent years. When I started this website there were really two main suppliers of heart rate monitors. Polar and Timex.

However when Garmin started playing in the same market things quickly changed. They found out that they could use the GPS functionality that they developed for cars etc could also be used in the sporting world.

Garmin really is the leader in the heart rate monitor market now. When you get a Garmin, you do not only get a wonderfully diverse device you also get access to the online tools.

You can upload your training data to Garmin Connect which allows you to see a map of where you have run (Bing Maps, like Google Maps), and charts showing your heart rate, speed, elevation, a table with your splits and average heart rate per lap (km/mile/any distance you enter).

This really allows you to get a great overall view of your performance and if you are getting better over time or not.

I am a very happy user of the Garmin 405cx which has already been surpassed by more advanced models now.

When you get a Garmin heart rate monitor you get top quality. Check out the models below to find what you are looking for.

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