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Energy Gel - The Perfect Supplement During the Run

Need replenishment during a long run or marathon race?

Energy gel is the perfect supplement for you.

There are other nutritional supplements, e.g. energy bars, sports drinks or "real food".

They all have their pros and cons.

I prefer to carry gels with me as they are easy to carry.

When during a race I get to a water station, I take in the gel and flush it down with water.

Everybody is different, you may not like gels, so I definitely advice you to experiment with the different types of supplements.

You might find that you cannot take in bars during your training, but you are fine with gels. Or vice versa.

See below an overview of some popular gels.

Energy Gel #1: GU

GU 6Pk
GU energy gels give you that perfect amount of maltodextrin and fructose your body needs to get the blood sugar running high so that it works instantly! It boosts your glucose levels for up to 45 minutes, keeping the energy going and allowing you to maintain the intensity in your workout. It helps keep your mind active and alert as well, which can assist in fighting off tiredness.

Click here for more information about the GU 6Pk

Energy Gel #2: Clif Shot

Clif Shot Bloks 18pk
Looking for organic gels? Clif Shot energy gels will give you 25g of carbohydrates, whilst being completely made out of organic products.

Click here for more information about the Clif Shot Bloks 18pk

Energy Gel #3: PowerBar

Power Gel 24pk
PowerBar gel refuels the body with a blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes that are lost through sweat during exercises that strain your body. The new PowerBar C2 MAX gel gives your body a boost by replacing those lost nutrients to help maintain the best performance.

Click here for more information about the Power Gel 24pk

Energy Gel #4: PowerBar Gel Blast

Gel Blasts (box of 16 pouches)
Get that pre-run boost by using PowerBar gel blast, a fast-absorbing energy supplement and feel the liquid gel center and carbohydrate-rich recipe tingle your sense and keep you fresh and on the go!

Click here for more information about the Gel Blasts (box of 16 pouches)

Energy Gel #5: Accel

Accel Gel 24 pk
Accel gel by Accelerade Sports contains carbs and protein in the ratio 4:1 and gives you that ultimate hydration, enhances endurance capabilities, reduces damage to muscles and helps in faster recovery.

Click here for more information about the Accel Gel 24 pk

Energy gels come in different flavors like vanilla, orange, cinnamon and apple.

You may find them easily digestible like most people.

You may also find them hard to stomach.

When you do long runs, marathons etc. you need to take into account your nutrition and energy replenishment during the run.

So, I guess it just comes down to trying a few different nutritional supplements to find out what works for you.

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