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Best Running Tips Newsletter, Issue #040 -- About French Toast and Trails

January 11, 2013


Hope you are doing well. Not sure what the official cut-off date is, but I am going to wish you a Happy New Year anyways.

Hope this will be a great year for you.

I had a good Christmas and New Year's break, spending it camping by the sea in mostly sunny and hot conditions (yes, in Australia it's Summer now), although we had a few rainy mornings as well.

We did a few short bush walks with the kids and on New Year's Day we got up early and went for a walk up Mt Oberon, a small mountain in Wilson's Promontory on Australia's south east coast.
I had been silly enough to promise the kids French toast for breakfast, so, despite the late night, at 06.30 I was cracking eggs outside our tent!

Thanks to our early start we can claim however to be the first people up Mt Oberon for 2013!

mt oberon family photo

With my running I am going to be doing a 28k trail run on Sunday. It's on a beautiful trail, but quite hilly, so I think it is going to be a painful and long one!

I live in a hilly area and as preparation I have been doing hilly long runs. Between the 2hr and 2hr30 mark things start hurting. Pretty much every time. I expect to be on the trail for about 3 hrs... So think of me sometime Sunday morning when I am out there in a world of pain, wondering why the hell I keep on doing this to myself... :)

elevation chart trail run
Elevation chart of the trail

After that I'll prepare for the Canberra marathon in April. I am hoping I'll stay injury-free and get to do sufficient training to be able to run a good race.

As you may recognise, it's simply a struggle to get sufficient training in, but with a few lunch time runs, weekend runs and some cross-training I am hoping it will be enough to run well.

I haven't looked ahead much further than the April marathon yet. I'll probably do a few shorter races in the months after the marathon.

Once you have got that endurance up to such a high level with the marathon training, you can take advantage of it and set some seasonal or personal bests for the shorter distances!

Anyways, enough about me... how about you?

What are your running goals for 2013? Or have we already gotten to the point where your New Year's resolutions are well and truly out of the window?

I hope not. And if they are, please just set up some new New Year's resolutions right now. Who decided that you need to make these resolutions on the 1st of January anyway?

When you want to achieve specific goals, often some help can be useful. I do have a number of resources, mini-series and programs available that could be of some assistance to you:

Marathon Training Secrets
Marathon Training Secrets is a free ebook which has a bunch of useful articles in it about marathon training, tapering, pacing etc. Feedback received so far on the ebook and the e-mail mini-series Ace Your Marathon has been great.

Fat Loss Jumpstart
Fat Loss Jumpstart is another free ebook which, as you might have guessed (you smart low-calorie cookie), is about weight loss. You get it when you subscribe to the Lose 10 Pounds mini-series.

This e-mail series helps you work out what type of changes you need to make in order to lose weight, provides some dieting advice and recipes, etc. The mini-series has over 600 readers and counting!

Interested? Click the link above and scroll down the article a bit and you'll find the ebook.

Beginner Running Programs (Walk/Run Programs)
The Beginner Running Programs of the Best Running Tips website are really popular, especially program 1 (from 0 to 15 minutes in 8 weeks) and program 3 (from 0 to 30 minutes in 12 weeks). You can subscribe to any of them and you'll get your program delivered in your inbox, along with weekly tips and advice to keep you going.

It's an excellent choice when you are just getting started with running. After doing the 8- or 10- or 12-week program you will not only be able to run much further than you can do now. But you'll also know a lot more about running!

So you see, there really is no excuse! Whether you just want to get started with running, want to lose weight or run a marathon, it's all there for you.

I'll be back with you soon, just to let you know if I survived the trail run.... :)

Talk to you soon.
In the meantime, come visit my site often and happy running!


Best Running Tips




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