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Best Running Tips Newsletter, Issue #035 -- Laces... Really?

February 20, 2012


Today, I'd like to talk to you about running shoe laces. Yes, really!

I'll also point out some great pages on the Best Running Tips site, that you might not have looked at yet.


I regularly get contacted via the contact form on the site with the request to sell products, try products, etc.

Often I am not interested. But when I received a message asking me to test out "wonderlaces" I was intrigued.

I did a half marathon a little while ago and lost a minute of precious time or so due to undone shoe laces. I still got a PR, but it could have been faster without having to stop and start for those laces.

And I always double knot them! I still don't know whether I hadn't done it this time or if they had come undone anyway.

I wrote a message back to the lady selling them, saying I'd be happy to try them out, no strings attached. I didn't want to feel obliged to post a review on my site. I only do that when I can be assured that it is a good product.

So long story cut short: I have tried these laces and they are really good.

As instructed I did a single knot, quite loose, leaving enough space to be able to slip the shoes on and off. I have been using the wonderlaces for the last month or so and they haven't come undone yet!

When I have finished running I don't untie the knot, I just slip out of my running shoes, then slip them back on for my next run.

Now the real benefit of the laces, next to the knot not untying, is that it makes wearing your running shoes a lot better. With a tight double knot you do get some pressure on the top of your foot, especially after running for longer periods of time.

With the wonderlaces this pressure is a whole lot less, pretty much almost gone in fact.

So, in short: wonderlaces are a good product, I am happy I got a pair in my running shoes.

For more information:

Just to make clear: I am not affiliated with this product. I do not get a commission if you decide to buy the product via the link above. I am really just a happy user spreading the word.

Some Great Pages You Need to Visit - Part 1
Over the next few newsletters I'll share with you some pages that you need to visit.

These are pages that will help you learn more about running.

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Yasso 800 Workout
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Hope this helps. 

Talk to you soon.
In the meantime, come visit my site often and happy running!


Best Running Tips




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