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Best Running Tips Newsletter, Issue #034 -- How to Improve Your Running

February 13, 2012


It's been a month already since I last sent out a newsletter. In January many new people came to visit Must have been plenty of New Year's resolutions happening, because the place was buzzing!

In this issue I'd like to talk to you about improving your running performance, but first of all, if you are new to running, let's talk about how to start running.

Oh, and we talk a little about the Gymboss contest that was held on the Best Running Tips Facebook page.

How to Start Running

So, how do you start running?

First of all, it's perfectly okay to ask that question!

It's not all that obvious and many beginning runners make mistakes, that make the running experience a lot harder for them.

The key to success is to start off easily; run slowly, "jogging" as they call it, although runners prefer to call it "easy running"!

Take walking breaks in between if you have to. My website has got a series of beginner running programs, that are all based on alternating running and walking.

It's a great way to start, especially when you are not used to exercise.

Build it up slowly. E.g. one day you might do 4 x 3 minutes of running with 3 minute walking breaks. Next time you might do 4 x 4 minutes of running. Then maybe 3 x 5 minutes, etc.

Slowly increase the time you spend running and decrease the time spent walking.

Before you know it, you'll be running 20-30 minutes non-stop.

A few useful articles that should help you are:

How to Start Running

18 Most Important Beginner Running Tips

Beginner Running Programs - Run/Walk Programs on

How to Improve Your Running
A bit further advanced? Possibly able to run 30-40 minutes non-stop?

You may have already done a race. Maybe a 5k or 10k. You were happy to get to the finish line, but now you want a little more: achieve sub-20, sub-25 or sub-30 maybe for your 5k. Or sub-40, sub-50 or sub-60 or so for your 10k.

Then the next step is to improve your running.

I saw somebody write something very true about running recently on a running forum.

He said:
"Running training is very simple.
Some workouts you run far.
Some workouts you run fast.
You just need to know when to do the fast bits and when the far bits."

Hmm, true, but not so useful yet.

If I'd be able to add two lines of running advice to this story, then they'd probably be:

1) Running far is by far more important than running fast
When you are aiming for long-distance running success you do need to run long distance in training. Simple as that. 

2) Add some faster workouts to a solid base of "easy running"
Easy runs and long runs are the cornerstone of your running. You can do speedwork, but don't do too much of it. Before you do speedwork, first add tempo running, it's underestimated how strong tempo running makes you.

Now, this is of course, still very short.

In need of more explanations. Then I'd invite you to take a good look at a few of the pages on my site, which should help you understand this in more detail:

How to Improve Running Performance - 5 Quick Tips

Running Training Section - Mix of Articles about Different Running Workouts, Techniques and Programs

Our Gymboss Contest - A Worthy Winner
In January, we did another Gymboss contest on the Facebook page with the question: what is your 2012 fitness goal?

The winner was Gordon, whose goal it is to participate in the running of over 14,000 miles - the distance between the US and Afghanisation in support of his son's Marine Corps Unit.

I am assuming Gordon will do this as part of a group effort. I think it was a great answer and a great goal, so a worthy winner.

Gordon, contact me via the site's contact form so I can get you your Gymboss.

Don't know what a Gymboss is?
Then check out the Gymboss review page:

Gymboss Review

And if you haven't done so already, become a fan of Best Running Tips on Facebook, so you have got another way to stay up-to-date with what is happening on the site:

Talk to you soon.
In the meantime, come visit my site often and happy running!


Best Running Tips




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