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Best Running Tips Newsletter, Issue #028 -- Best Running Club - A New Era

June 3, 2011


A lot has happened since the last time I sent you a newsletter. I have got some (hopefully) exciting news for you. - A New Era for My Best Running Sites

I first told you about it on my Facebook page, just a few hours ago:

My new site is now live.

running tips

This is going to be an exciting place. It started off with an idea that my family of 'best-running' sites (,,, was now big enough to warrant a forum.

There are plenty of visitors every day to these sites and I felt it was a shame that all of you can't really interact with each other. We all know a little bit about running, so let's open up the possibility to start sharing a bit more.

Started looking around for forum software and stumbled upon something really cool with lots of functionality. So I thought, you know what, we'll give it a go.

You can just use it for forums, but it can be more than that if you wish.

You can blog, you can chat, you can create groups around a certain interest (e.g. a weight loss goal, or maybe a race you have signed up for?), you can post articles and bulletins.

You can put down wishes and confessions, etc.

You can save up points via forum posts, creating groups etc, generally around being active on the site. And those points you can then use to "purchase" a gift to send to a friend or other member of the site.

So, lots more functionality than just a forum. I still have to get my head around exactly everything that is possible!

Feel free to use it as you wish.

It's of course free, I hope it will be a fun, useful place to hang out and talk to each other.

Facebook Page Now More Than 2,000 Likes!
The Best Running Tips Facebook page keeps on growing and growing in popularity. Just last week we went over 2,000 Likes!
running tips
If you are not already a Facebook Fan of Best Running Tips, then become one today!

Thank you to everyone responding to the questions on the FB page. It's been useful to get some input there.

I will incorporate the outcomes into a few articles on the websites.

FB Page:

My Running: Monster Month Approaching
In preparation for a half marathon I'll be running in July I have gotten to the interesting month of training. This is where both the lengths of runs and the intensity of them is building up to a maximum, till about 10 days before the race (taper to let the body recover).

At Runner's World they use the term "Monster Month". It's used mostly when talking about marathon running programs, but it applies to each and every race, in my opinion.

Because closer to the race you usually run your longest long runs, but also your toughest tempo and interval sessions.

running tips
It's a time when you need to be listening to your body even more than ever.

So close to the race you don't really want to miss out on training sessions.

However, little aches can turn into big aches if you are not careful.

So sometimes rest is better than another hard training session!

My training is going really well with a good mix of intervals, tempo runs and long/easy runs.

Especially those tempo runs are such a boost in confidence.

Because they are so important, I am going to repeat one of the topics of the last newsletter a little bit.

I just really want to reinforce the importance of tempos for your long distance running.

Not familiar with tempo runs? Then, a short intro:
Tempo running is running at one pace for a prolonged period of time. This pace is faster than easy pace, but it's a pace you can maintain. It's roughly the pace you'd be able to run for about an hour.

The purpose of tempo running is to boost your lactic acid threshold. The faster you run, the more lactic acid builds up in your muscles. At some point, i.e. the threshold, you build up as much lactic acid as your muscles can get rid of.

Go faster and you build up too much lactic acid, making your legs heavy and making you slow down.

By running close to the threshold, you are training your body to deal with that lactic acid. Over time your body will become more efficient at removing lactic acid which means you can then run faster without the build-up occurring.

More info at:

It's advisable to start off with tempo intervals, e.g. alternating 1k hard, 1k easy for a number of times. Over time you build it up. A good session to build up to is:
warmup, 20 min tempo, 5 min recovery, 20 min tempo, cool-down.

You will start feeling the benefits pretty soon. The great thing about tempo running is, well that' s my opinion, that you don't end up feeling completely wiped out after a session.

You run them at a "comfortably hard" pace. So, other than intervals, which is the fun way of dying without stopping to breathe, you don't end up completely exhausted with heavy legs afterwards.

And yet, they make you so much stronger.
What's not to love about them?
By the way, as we learn more and more about the Kenyans, we find out that a lot of their running is done at tempo pace. They are real masters of finding that lactic acid threshold and just pushing it up and up with almost each training session they do.

So start doing those tempos and build up some killer legs!

Final Thought
What distinguishes those of us at the starting line from those of us on the couch is that we learn through running to take what the days gives us, what our body will allow us, and what our will can tolerate.
John Bingham

Make sure you pass by the new site, Best Running Club:

Talk to you soon.
In the meantime, come visit my site often and happy running!


Best Running Tips




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