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Best Running Tips Newsletter, Issue #022 -- Running 300km For Your Son

October 5, 2010

The things you do for your children....

Last Sunday, 5.30 am, my son comes to my bed and gently nudges me, then pushes and shoves me until he finds some life in me.

"Papa, I am so hungry. Can you get me an apple please? I'll make you something later."

Encouraged by the reward of another drawing or play-doh pizza I go downstairs and get him an apple.

About sixteen minutes later he shows up again. "Papa, I can't sleep, can we read a book? I'll make you something." I agree with reading one book on the strict condition that we go back to sleep afterwards.

He agrees and comes walking into the bedroom with seven books. We read The Cat in the Hat, The Gruffalo and Grug, then we do go back to sleep. This time for 21 minutes.

"Papa, I am still hungry..." 

This continues until about 7am when I get up and start making breakfast for the family.

So far the little sufferings from a father who is far too easy on his kids and suffers from constant sleep deprivation as a consequence...

Now to another loving father-son relationship of a little bit of a different level. The things you do for your kids...

Jason Egan suffers from a debilitating brain disease which is eating at his cerebellum.  He is a 7 year old boy who sits in a wheelchair because he is unable to walk or speak.  Up to now, the doctors still don’t know what is causing this rare illness.  He may very well be the only person in the world suffering from his condition.

Despite his frail condition, Jason looks forward to his daily runs with his father.  Jamie, Jason’s father, takes his son out for a run by pushing him in his wheelchair.  Jason's face lights up every time he’s outside and gets to see cars, buses, and trains. 

Jamie has never been much of a runner. Until he discovered the joy that Jason had in these daily runs. It went from short runs to longer runs to races.

Jason and Jamie
They are truly a father-and-son team.  Jamie tells me that he cannot imagine running without Jason. 

They have run many races together like the Melbourne Marathon, Great Ocean Rd Marathon a number of half marathons and one of Melbourne's biggest fun runs, The Run for the Kids.

Jamie has raised thousands of dollars for charity doing these runs.

As Jason is getting older it has become harder to provide care for him. The Egans desperately need to make their van more wheelchair-friendly. This is expensive. They also need to have more tests done on Jason. Expensive tests.

In order to raise money for his son, Jamie is going to do something a little bit crazy. He is going to run with Jason from Wodonga to Melbourne, a 300km trip. He is going to cover the distance in six days, which basically means six ultra marathons in a row. Now one marathon is tough, let alone six ultras in a row, while pushing a wheelchair with your son.

I asked Jamie how he is preparing for the event. His routine used to consist of daily 8 km runs. Jamie told me that he is now doing a lot more mileage. He is running 15-20 km five days a week and his long run is now 30 km. He plans to increase this a little bit more and will include more 20-30 km runs closer to Jason and Jamie's big week. He tries to run slowly to reduce the stress on his body and prevent injuries.

Although there is little time left over for anything but running he also rides his bike to work one day a week and walks around the block with his daughter and her Shetland pony.

His plan for the big 300km trip is to take it easy. He will aim to run slowly, but run the whole way. He plans to stop at truck stops and the bigger towns in between to rest the legs and to raise awareness for his cause.

"I don't know how much this run is going to hurt my legs so I can’t rule out walking some of the journey. It is a bit easier for me because when I’m running along looking at Jason and his smile, it makes running for me so much easier. And it makes me think I have very little to complain about as Jason never complains about anything, he just gives you the worlds biggest smile."

Jamie is determined to finish his week of a lifetime with a big finish at Federation Square in the centre of Melbourne.

"It’s hard for me to say as I have never tried anything like this. It is very easy for me to say I can do it, and I will be giving it my all, but at the end of the day, your body can only take so much. One thing is certain, I will be finishing the distance, it’s just a matter of how much I will be running, and how much I will be walking."

I would like to encourage you to provide some support to Jason and Jamie. Doing something good makes you feel better.

I would be very happy if you could find it in your heart to provide support to them.

Here is the website for donations:
Donate more than 10 dollars and I'll throw in a copy of one of my ebooks.

All you have to do is this:

1) Go to the website and donate. The Australian dollar is almost on parity with the US dollar. So donating 10 Australian dollars is about US$9.50-US$10.00 at the moment.

2) Put a message with your donation so I can see that you have donated.

3) Go to my contact page and send me a message saying you have donated (and under which name) and let me know your ebook of choice, either the Best Running Tips eBook or the Lose 10 Pounds ebook.

4) I will send you a personal download link within a week.

Here is the website to make your donation:

Thank you in advance for your support.

Also consider other ways you can help. You could...

... forward this story to your friends...

... like it on Facebook...

... Digg it, tweet it ...

... you know, spread the word... :)

I hope this story has provided you with some inspiration to go on your daily run and seize the day. Most of us really have little to complain about.

That's it for now.
Talk to you soon.
In the meantime, come visit my site often and happy running.

Best Running Tips




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