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Best Running Tips Newsletter, Issue #003 -- Performance Enhancing Running Tights and Results

October 09, 2006


Welcome to the Best Running Tips Newsletter.

It's been a while since the last edition and I do apologize for that.

Life got in the way again. And I figured that many of you were enjoying your summer too much to be reading this newsletter anyway.

I got to experience my first Australian winter. After having lived in The Netherlands for whole my life, Australian winter (Melbourne) is a breeze.

Sure, it can be chilly in the mornings, but temperatures generally rise to about 15 degrees Celsius / 59 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. The coldest we had was about 9 degrees Celsius / 48 degrees Fahrenheit !

Running has been a bit on and off; being in a new job (analyst at a big Australian bank) takes quite a bit of energy which has stopped me from doing my normal amount of running.

Despite of that I have decided to sign up for a race again. It's a 10k run just before Christmas. I am preparing using a running program from Daniel's Running Formula.

His 10k-program is really tough with back-to-back hard days. I am not sure I'll get close to running a PR considering I can't put in my usual amount of running, but I'll give it a good try. I'll let you know how it goes.

By the way, I have written a book review on Daniel's Running Formula. It's one of the best running books out there. If you are in any way serious about running, consider getting this book.
More info :

RUNNING TIP OF THE MONTH : Performance Enhancing Tights

Ever seen those miracle running tights advertised which are supposed to make you run faster and farther ?
Well, apparently, they really do work...

I am a bit of a sceptic on pretty much everything which is supposed to make you tougher, better, faster or slimmer without hard work. But this claim is backed up by scientifical evidence.

French research on 12 male runners shows that compression tights allowed these runners to use less energy compared to running with shorts or normal tights. These performance enhancing tights delay muscle fatigue and let you go farther or make you use up less energy at a given speed.

It is estimated that a 3.5 hour marathoner would shave of a cool six minutes when running with these tights.

For more information on these hi-tec pants, go here :

Running Tights for Men

Running Tights for Women



Benefits of Running -- In case you need a reminder why you are a runner

Five Most Important Heart Rate Monitor Features -- When shopping for a heart rate monitor you need this page.

Heart Rate Monitor Running Programs -- Get ready for your first 10k or half marathon with these running programs

Book Review : Advanced Marathoning -- The running book to get if you want to do a marathon

Iliotibial Band Syndrome -- Another one of those nasty overuse injuries you should know about

Most Important Treadmill Features -- Looking for a treadmill ? First check out this page !


Running Stretches -- Added some photos to this important stretching page

Cheap Heart Rate Monitors -- Now with convenient search module per brand

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Best Running Tips recently celebrated its 1st birthday (in silence).

It's been a great experience building a website. It has taught me a lot. I'd like to thank you for your visits and your subscription to this newsletter.

You have made this site to a success.

You give me the inspiration to continue.

Also, a word of thanks to my webhost, Sitesell. Sitesell is so much more than a webhost. Sitesell has simply given me all the help and tools to succeed on the internet.

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Alright. Speak to you soon. In the meanwhile, visit my site often and happy running !





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