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Best Running Tips Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Runner's Curse and Pilates

March 15, 2006


Welcome to the very 1st edition of the Best Running Tips Newsletter !

It's been kind of busy lately.

My family and me moved to Australia a couple of weeks ago. Lots to do like buying a car, buying a house, applying for jobs, getting insurance organized et cetera.

It's crazy to be in a new country.

And you realize it when you are in the supermarket looking for your favourite peanutbutter.

Which they don't have.

And when you go out for a run.

Where to ?

How far ?

In Holland, I had my own carefully designed set of running routes. For 5K, 8K, 10K, 15K and everything over and in between, you name it.

For each distance I had my own clever way of going in a circle around my town always exactly ending back where I began, my home. Will be a while before I get that organized again.

But one big plus for my new environment (Melbourne) compared to Holland : they have hills here !


My wife Liz likes her aerobics classes. She especially likes Pilates. I did not get it. No sweating, no heavy breathing, no fun !

After only one month of doing Pilates she started feeling muscles in places where she did not even know she had them. The extra toning she achieved in a short time was amazing.

There are many runners who say that cross-training is not beneficial to you.

I disagree.

Your legs are not the only part of your body which can do with a bit of training !
Core conditioning, upper body training, whichever name you give it: it will make you leaner, stronger, better toned and faster.

So, I am converted now. I have started doing Pilates as well. I don't like aerobics classes. I prefer to do it in the comfort of my own home. To get me started I found this great e-book about Pilates called:
The Pilates Power System.

It is written by Shannon Beaty, a professional Pilates instructor.

She takes you through all aspects of Pilates in three steps:
  • The Beginner's Program

  • The Core Program

  • The Advanced Program

  • I found it especially convenient that the book is full with full-colour photographs to take you through all the moves.

    If you want to get serious about Pilates, download this book and start today:

    POLL: Do you suffer from the Runner's Curse ?

    ...97 ...98 ...99 ...100... I check my watch. But I know I don't have to. Again exactly five minutes and a few seconds have past. And I start all over again ...1 ...2 ...3 ...

    Especially on my longer runs I eventually end up counting. And counting. And counting. Sometimes it helps. Sort of keeps you going. But most of the time it is just plain annoying !

    Take the poll to let me know if you suffer from the Runner's Curse !

    And hey, if you happen to know a cure to The Curse, let me know:


    And, because of the migration, unfortunately not much time for running at all.

    We all experience moments in our lives when we are simply to busy to keep to our running program.

    At some point, something has got to give.

    When you get to a period like that, the best thing to do is to keep on running !

    I know, easier said than done. Maybe not run as much as you used to, but as long as you get out of the door two or three times per week, you'll maintain a large deal of your fitness.

    After achieving a certain level of fitness, maintaining that level is not that hard.

    So nowadays I run two or three times per week for 45 minutes to an hour.

    Yes, I will lose some of my fitness.

    But it would be much worse if I'd be doing no running at all.

    So keep that in mind. Even in busy times, keep on running.


    I will do my best to keep on adding interesting info to
    Soon on the site :

  • Most important stretches

  • Prevention and Treatment of Shin Splints

  • The Most Important Heart Rate Monitor Features

  • The Most Important Treadmill Features

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    Run like you stole something.
    Daniel Farrow

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    I'll keep you updated about the developments on and our adventures in Australia.

    The next few weeks sportscrazy Australia will be watching the Commonwealth Games taking place here in Melbourne. Unfortunately without one of the fastest running ladies on the earth Paula Radcliffe (injured). I was really looking forward to seeing her run the marathon.

    However, there are still many other exciting events taking place !

    How about the Men's 5.000 metre with Felix Limo and Australian star Craig Mottram ?

    Wherever you are, I hope you get some coverage of these great athletes.

    In the meanwhile, visit my site often and happy running !





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